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Textiles have been in my presence since I can remember. I always saw visual patterns on the walls, on the tiled floors in bathrooms and kitchens, or on the clothes people wore. One of the most memorable instances of my childhood was watching my mother get ready for special occasions. Seeing her drape her embroidered silk, crepe georgette and chantilly lace sarees was the highlight of it all. They draped so beautifully as I sat next to her and admired the work that went into weaving the silk. I always wondered about the process of it all, I’d ask my mom to see if she could count how many threads it took to make the saree, and she’d chuckle and reply with a number with so many zeros that I’d lose count. Since then, I found myself appreciating the shear labor and fine tuned craftsmanship that goes into creating cloth  while also falling in love with such a culturally rich process behind it all.  

The intersectionality of those singular threads coming together to form organic repeating patterns amazes me to date. As I went into undergrad, I kept that memory at the very core of my practice, learning to love the material and its malleability, but also applying several surface techniques to test its versatility. In my work I mostly explore wearable garments and accessories through techniques such as weaving, knitting and embroidery. I experimented with several surface techniques like foiling, devore, batik arashi etc. I hope to evoke the same emotions of getting lost in dense and intricate patterns through dyeing, manipulating, draping, and embellishing the textiles.

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