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The Mandala Soul Design

Most popular and loved design by Sukushine, the Mandala Soul is a blend between colors that has a unique vibrance of serenity. The word “Mandala” means the Universe; and this design is the representation of the our soul in the Universe. The curves outlined by the black-thick edges creates distinctions that encapsulate even more intricate details that one gets lost in.


Good quality materials with an awesome matte finish

Slim & Snappy

With only 0.2mm thickness, it perfectly fits the edges


Beautiful and durable, protects your phone from scratches and scuffs

Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus

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  1. levi_anderson

    awesome pattern. everybody asked me about this case

  2. arshoo

    Great phone case. Fits my s7 perfectly. Fun design, I love it.

  3. vgarcia

    Bought it for my. She loves it!!!

  4. mmolina4

    beautiful mandala pattern

  5. cam75martin

    arrived late but a good looking case

  6. DollFace

    good case.

  7. caseyharkins

    bought for my best friend and she loves it

  8. awesomemom2

    My daughter loves it.

  9. 88lina

    My friend had one of these case so i also bought one for myself. it looks amazing in person

  10. hannah.fit

    great case for my s6 edge+

  11. kalp.kalp

    2 weeks in and love it. Slightly textured finish so I can grip it better. Very rigid case.

  12. kennis

    The design in itself is gorgeous. The fit is snug.

  13. Jax4321

    amazing vase

  14. laura-mann

    snappy and beautiful case. the design is very intricate

  15. heather.johnson

    I’ve received lots of compliments since purchasing. Comes as pictured.

  16. madonnafan

    got it for little sister. she really liked it

  17. katie.vab

    love the design

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