I searched for a name for my brand for years, waiting to find a whimsical word that catches one’s attention. Frankly, some um-teen years later, I am still searching. Sukushine was a name my dad came up with when I was seven or so. He and I were trying to find an email alias for my first yahoo email account in 2005, and our options were, or Clearly we chose the latter, and when I tell you I couldn’t wait to tell people my email address at school, I. could. not. wait. It sounded like magic to me. It was awesome. Until 2015 when it got old. sukushine lived in its reining glory, but I could feel that it was time for a rebrand.

Naya, stuck with me. I still feel a bit opposed by it, since I thought of it on a whim for a college project, but It made so much sense. I fell in love with the simplicity, and the gentleness of the word. Nuh-ya. Easy, breezy, beautiful, Naya.